Guided screening and diagnosis of congenital malformation

Birth defects affect 1 in every 33 babies born in Europe and the US each year and more than 8M babies in the world yearly

Only 50% of birth defects are detected before birth during fetal ultrasound scans.

Prenatal diagnosis is highly complex, with hundreds of signs and abnormalities visible in utero, and more than 300 diseases that can be diagnosed.

A fetal ultrasound practitioner is under high pressure not to miss anything. Even tired. Even after 15 scans during the day. And without wasting any time. And even if abnormalities are rare, when it happens, the clinician needs to be able to caracterize it, to make a diagnosis or the refer the pregnant woman to the right expert, without worrying her.

Sonio is an artificial intelligence guiding sonographers and sonologists real time during fetal ultrasound scans

Sonio gives you all available expert information to guide you throughout your examination. Like an intelligent decision tree, Sonio gives you the next most probable sign to look for when an abnormality is detected, et leads you rapidly to diagnosis, or helps you excluding a pathological syndrom. Sonio will also help you check that all guidelines are respected, that you forgot no scanning plane.

It’s an expert with you during the examination, real time, like a second opinion, without being a substitute for a trained medical professional.

Sonio is a SaaS software, a web app, very easy to use, very intuitive and adapted to clinical practice.

Thanks to this companion tool, you will enjoy unique continuous training, to avoid diagnostic errors, and associated liability and reputational risks, secure the examination and improve quality of care for pregnant women and their children.

Sonio will be available soon…

November 2019
Patent filed

September 2020

December 2020
Product development and user testing

March 2021
Clinical validation

May 2021
CE marking

FDA approval

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