Sonio is an artificial intelligence for fetal ultrasound, helping practitioners analyse and diagnose congenital malformations.

Our first motivation is to give better access to care to pregnant women.

8 million babies are born yearly with a congenital malformation. Which is 3% of all births in developed countries, and 6% of all births in developing countries.

3.3 million of these children die before the age of 5.

3.2 million of those who survive stay mentally or physically handicaped their whole life.

Today only half of fetal abnormalities are detected.

We believe we can do way better, combining the expertise of world famous specialists with the scalability of technology.

With Sonio, we will bring this expertise to healthcare professionals worldwide and especially in remote locations or emerging countries. Upskilling practitioners will:

  • Save lives
  • Allow women to live their pregnancy peacefully
  • Give them time to make the right decision for them, for their future baby and for their families.

We are using our complementary skills and all of our energy to build a product and a team than can have an impact on the world.
Sonio means “I dream”. We are determined to stick to our dream, and strongly position Sonio as a global solution for better care.

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Our ambition is to offer a full suite of products,
and thus improve women’s health
and rare diseases’ diagnosis in the world