Sonio was born when
medical experts co-operated with data-scientists
to improve fetal outcomes

Our team combines internationally recognized experts in fetal medicine,
best-in-class mathematicians specialized in health AI and an experimented business manager.

Cécile Brosset
Co-founder & CEO

Deepak Prakash sonio SaaS solution

Deepak Prakash

Chief Technical Officer

David Amouyal _ SaaS Medtech

David Amouyal

Chief Product Officer

Julien Stirnemann Necker Hospital prenatal medicine

Pr. Julien Stirnemann


Stéphanie Allassonniere Polytechnique

Pr. Stéphanie Allassonière

Rémi Besson
Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Dagmar Nuber Prenatal Diagnosis and screening

Dagmar Nuber

Head of Business Development

Pr Yves Ville Hopital Necker Prenatal medicine

Pr. Yves Ville


Dr. Emmanuel Spaggiari


Pr. Ewan Le Pennec

Tech team

Roberto Pasini
Designer / Dev front

François Ruty
Lead developer

Medical, regulatory and legal advisors

Hélène Peyro Saint-Paul
Medical strategy

Aymeric Lebon
(QMS, Regulatory affairs)

Alexander Lerbs
API Conseil

Lorraine Maisnier – Boché, Anne-France Moreau
(legal, data protection)

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